AHC Lifts – For All Your Repair Shop Needs

Who We Are

We are primarily a garage equipment service company. We don't know anybody that installs and services more automotive or truck systems and equipment than we do. Our customers want their equipment serviced promptly and properly every time.

As with any other repair shop around, we could sell pretty much any automotive or truck equipment made, regardless of quality. Yet, because we service what we sell and our business is based on long term commitments and trust, we only sell quality products made by stable manufacturers.

Our growth as a service company has been great. With our large volume of equipment purchases we can now offer high quality, field proven equipment for your shop at prices that will give an excellent return on your investment.

To help your business grow we have made arrangements with a nationally known capital corporation to custom tailor financing to fit your business needs.

Products and Services

Help Wanted!

We are looking for a motivated individual who has lots of mechanical curiosity. What does this mean? Well, we install and repair virtually every type of equipment our customers use in their repair shops. We service bus, truck, new car dealerships, and independent repair shops. We have over 3500 customers. We recognize most technicians have never worked on some of the equipment we service, and that's where mechanical curiosity comes in. You skills and willingness to work with our team is critical to your success and our continued expansion. We will invest the time and resources into insuring your success. Our industry will always need good well motivated people to keep all manner of transportation equipment running. If this sounds good to you, call Kevin at (800) 998-5438 9 AM to 4 PM Mon-Fri.