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AHC can assist with initial blueprints and layout to help avoid common pitfalls with shop layout

We can design and install many of the systems in your shop including:

Air Compressors and Piping Systems Exhaust Ventilation, including standard and Eurovent systems Bulk Oil Systems Custom Fluid Inventory Control systems, including Accounting Integration Pumps, Piping (including other fluid delivery systems) Modular Bench Layout and Installation And of course Lift Layout for optimum efficiency within the shop

AHC installs and services every product we sell......No Sub-Contractors!

We Offer Jack and Hydraulic Repair - Pickup and Delivery

How Clean is Your Shop Air?

Current OSHA rulings allow an acceptable time weighted average (TWA) for an eight hour work shift of 35 parts pe r million (ppm), with a workday ceiling level of 200 ppm. First time fines are as high as $5,000 and willful violations as high as $50,000

OSHA safety guidelines for exhaust removal in automotive service centers include:

  • Provide exhaust hoses for each service bay and stock replacement hoses for immediate replacement of damaged hoses.
  • Instruct all employees to always use proper exhaust hoses on all running vehicles and engines, even in warm weather when garage doors are open.
  • Check the operation of the exhaust removal system daily, and periodically ensure that the system is in compliance with OSHA regulations. More OSHA information may be learned from 54 Federal Register, 232(1989), 20CFR Part 1910. The Uniform Building Code specifies in 1202.2.4 Group H, Division 4 Occupancies (Vehicle Repair Facilities), "Each engine repair stall shall be equipped with an exhaust pipe . . . shall mechanically exhaust 300 cubic feet per minute"